After a stimulating series of conversations in 2017 and 2018, Engaging in Urban Image-making, a one-day symposium hosted by the Centre for Urban and Community Research (CUCR) at Goldsmiths continues the dialogue about how we engage with urban life in our image-making practices in the 21st century.  Through theoretical debate and a diverse selection of visual stories, the symposium addresses issues associated with the impact of neoliberal urban policies on the development of our cities.

This event has been organised by Anita Strasser and Gill Golding.

Anita Strasser is an urban photographer / visual sociologist based in south-east London. She studied Photography at the London Institute (now LCC), completed a Master’s in Photography and Urban Cultures in the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths, and is currently doing an AHRC-funded PhD in Visual Sociology at the same institution, studying the regeneration of Deptford in south-east London. Her main research interests are urban communities, the regeneration of London, the representation of class, visual research methods and participatory photographic practice. She is a member of Urban Photographers Association, International Visual Sociology Association, International Association of Visual Urbanists, and the Centre for Urban and Community Research at Goldsmiths. Anita works as a Language and Academic Support Tutor on the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at LCC (She also has a background in teaching and a Master’s in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching from King’s College, London).

For more information: http://www.anitastrasser.com

Gill Golding is an urban photographer who completed an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London.  Her visual research interests lie in the field of post-industrial cities, particularly with an emphasis on regeneration, gentrification, sustainability and more recently, the hyperreal.  Her choice of walking as a research methodology allows her to encounter landscapes through an embodied practice, creating a dialogic relationship with the environment that encourages a critical approach to her work.  Gill is a Visiting Research Fellow at Goldsmiths, is Education Director of the Urban Photographers Association, Organiser of the International Urban Photography Summer School and is a member of the Executive Board of the International Visual Sociology Association.  Gill is a former headteacher who has worked in all sectors of education and remains committed to creating education and learning opportunities.

For more information: www.gillgoldingphotography.com